We invite you to submit your artwork for consideration for the 2020 Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. This document is the only application you will need to submit your work to this juried show. Sculpture Tour Eau Claire is celebrating our 10th year of enhancing the quality of life in Eau Claire with free public art~ our annual exhibit of original outdoor sculptures! We are proud to be the 2nd largest tour of this type in the nation. The sculptures are installed for 11 months throughout Eau Claire’s downtown area. Each year our tour features over a half million dollars’ worth of art. Over the past 9 years, sculptures valued at more than $420,000 have been purchased or commissioned through the tour and remain in the Chippewa Valley. Sculptures remain the property of the artist, and are “on loan” for the duration of the show. Artists are paid a $1000 stipend for the use of their work, paid in two parts. Upon delivery and installation, artists receive a $500 stipend for the first piece, and $250 for each additional piece. They receive the same fee upon completion of the show, after their sculpture is picked up. Sculptures must be delivered to Eau Claire, or to Sioux Falls prior to our Partners Network Exchange. Sculptures must be picked up after the show in a timely manner. Shipping is the responsibility of the artist. However, if your work is going on to other cities in our network, we will transport the piece to the Exchange, unless it is unusually Each sculpture must be available for sale. STEC receives a 25% commission on all sculpture sold, and 10% on commissioned work. This supports our program sustainability into the future. large. Please note, an “outgoing” stipend is not paid if the sculpture is sold. Please price with the commission included.

2020 Tentative Dates

For 2020 we will include up to 40 new sculptures in the tour. Go to Sculpture Tour Eau Claire’s website for more information:

2020 Local Call to Artist

The Eau Claire program is open to professional and amateur artists of all backgrounds. Artists may submit up to four (4) of their own original sculptures to Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. Photos of a finished or in-progress piece are accepted, as well as sketches of a planned piece. There is a one-time entry fee of $25 per sculpture. PLEASE NOTE: SCULPTURE MUST BE FINISHED 30 DAYS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION OR YOUR PIECE WILL BE REPLACED BY ANOTHER SUBMISSION. There will be NO late installations. While art is our driving force, Safety is our first consideration when evaluating sculptures for public art. Durability is also a strong consideration. The sculptures are outdoors and subject to all weather conditions. They must withstand the temperature and weather extremes, as well as the interaction of a very enthusiastic public. Please bear safety and durability in mind when creating your masterpiece. IMPORTANT! Sculptures must be SAFE, appropriate for all audiences, and durable. All submitted works must be constructed from materials that can withstand constant exposure to weather elements and temperature variances. The works will be displayed in an unprotected public forum, so all submitted works must be structurally sound enough to withstand some handling, touching, and possible physical stress. All sculptures need to be in “intended condition” when delivered. We highly recommend that bronze and natural stone be sealed, steel be repainted, or other appropriate measures be taken. INSTALLATION: Sculptures must be delivered with a steel (preferred) or stainless steel mounting plate on bottom, a minimum of 1/2” (half inch) larger than the sculpture at its base. This allows us to weld the sculptures to our pedestals for a more secure installation. In rare exceptions (generally large scale artworks) other installation methods are utilized. Sculpture Tour Eau Claire will insure all sculptures while in our possession. AWARDS FOR SCULPTURE TOUR  PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (as determined by popular vote) PURCHASE AWARD UP TO $15,000! We welcome sculptures of all ranges in value. However, this is a sponsored award and only sculptures that we can purchase at $15,000 or less are eligible. BEST OF SHOW BRONZE $1000  BEST OF SHOW OTHER MATERIALS $1000 AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS-NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 20, 2020 Please submit entry form and photos or sketch of your piece, along with $25 per sculpture entry fee. All entries must be either mailed or hand delivered by October 1, 2019 to:

Sculpture Tour Eau Claire P.O. Box 1411 Eau Claire, WI 54702


Entries may also be dropped off at the Sculpture Tour office at: Brent Douglas Floral, 610 S. Barstow Street (Brent Douglas Flowers building) Eau Claire WI 54701


Submission Form